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"The songs help normalize and validate difficult feelings, which in turn leads to improved coping and regulation skills.


By listeNing to our songs, your child will gain increased emotional awareness without even realizing!"

Our Music

Through collaboration with a team of exceptionally talented artists,

we have created songs that are catchy, fun and easy to sing. We hope that you and your family will enjoy singing along as much as we do!


Coming Soon! Stay Tuned...

Skills Addressed Through Song

  • Emotional awareness

  • Acceptance and normalization of difficult feelings

  • Developing feelings' vocabulary

  • Calming down strategies

  • Coping Skills

  • Friendship

  • Social Skills

  • Problem solving skills

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Reel FEEL Media:







through Song 

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Parents and Teachers Recommend

L, Young Adult

"I'm an adult and I love Reel Feel Media!!! Your new songs give me the validation of having emotions that I didn't get as a child. I am practically in tears listening to each one and how they are conveyed with so much emotion using descriptive adjectives. I even started writing down the words so I can learn the chords and play them on my own! Thank you for making these songs for an amazing awareness to children (and adults!)"


“I am blown away. I love how each song has the calming down strategies right there in there.”

S.M., Teacher

“These songs will be perfect for my classroom. It's exactly the kind of thing my students would love."

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